It is the largest of them and complies with the coverage standards of two carpet lifts in parallel.

A Modular Concept

Our system allows to cover any carpet lift, without having to disassemble it, guaranteeing a complete independence between both.

The concept is based on the repetition of longitudinal modules designed to be able to place the transversal beams that connect the side plinths, as well as the polycarbonate load-bearing arches in different positions. this allows the beams to avoid possible interference with any element of the carpet and the arches to avoid the greatest adjustment to the orography of the terrain.
The adjustable feet of each module, the quantity of which depends on the gallery model, are responsible for guaranteeing its support on the ground and, thanks to its adjustment, the correct height alignment of two consecutive modules.
We have three gallery sizes:

Modules of different sizes
are composed of the same elements that change size

To cover the stations, the three sizes can be mixed, guaranteeing, as already indicated, the independence between the belt and the gallery.
The lower structure is in galvanized steel, the reinforcement tubes in anodized aluminium, the corrugated arches in lacquered aluminum and the transparent part in 5 mm thick polycarbonate with UV protection on both sides.

Front Doors

Each of the gallery sizes has its corresponding front door

For each size of gallery, we have the option of a hinged door with vertical axis in aluminum and polycarbonate, or a box for a metal shutter.
Both options can be customized with ski resort specific colors or decorations.

Emergency Doors

Emergency doors, mandatory according to the regulations applicable in each country, can be of three types:

  • Vertical Axis Swing
  • Horizontal Axis Swing (Butterfly)
  • Canvas Door


We offer the possibility of a circular window, with a semicircular swing leaf with a horizontal axis, made of aluminum and polycarbonate. Optional colour.

    Wooden Socle

    To avoid seeing the snow accumulated on the sides from inside the gallery, there is the option of placing a plinth in treated pine wood.


      The existing options to guarantee the support of the gallery to the ground in extreme wind conditions are:

      • Ground Anchors

        Uses ground anchors which are fixed to the gallery using steel cables or threaded rods. The determining factor for this type of fixing is the need to carry out preliminary studies of the ground to determine its resistance and, based on this, set the length (depth) of the anchoring.

      • Concrete Sleepers

        It’s about positioning the gallery on concrete sleepers. In this case, the feet of the gallery will rest on the sleepers and must be screwed to them so that the concrete brings the weight necessary for the assembly and thus prevents the action of the wind. 

       Concrete Ballasts

      • A specific solution for the Universal Gallery is the use of concrete ballasts designed by Idderman specifically for it, which will be supported on its cross beams. The legs of the gallery will rest on concrete plates that guarantee a stable support on the ground and, once the height of the gallery has been adequately regulated, the directly supported concrete ballasts will be placed, without the need to fix them in any way, providing to the gallery of adequate weight to resist the force of the wind.

      Side Skirts

      To avoid seeing the snow accumulated on the sides from inside the gallery, there is the option of placing a plinth in treated pine wood.


        As a complement to the gallery, in order to fulfill the standards of application, guaranteeing information to the skier, there is a range of aluminum supports of different sizes and locations, as well as the corresponding pictograms.

        Aestethic Options

        In the same way that the Universal Gallery offers the possibility of coloring its doors, windows and side skirts, it is possible to choose a color from the RAL color chart for the arches, as well as a certain range of colors, degrees of transparency and solar protection for the polycarbonates, in order to give them an original aesthetic and to reduce the action of the sun in summer, when some ski resorts continue to use the gallery for attractions such as tubing.


          To offer the Universal Gallery the possibility of operating at night or simply using its geometry for spectacular lighting, there is the option of installing RGB LED spotlights and different levels of controllers. These will allow ski resorts to choose between the different pre-established lighting programs or to perform original programming.