The Pholarus is an Adjustable Photovoltaic Solar System.

The Pholarus system offers a solution for using galleries for carpet lifts for skiers as a support for a photovoltaic solar installation adapted to the needs of each ski resort.

System Benefits

The climatic conditions of the mountain make every element subject to the actions of wind and snow. On the other hand, the correct orientation of the solar panels is essential to obtain good performance. Pholarus keeps the panels in protection mode if the conditions are not suitable and orients the panels when they are. For this, the system has:
• Anemometer, to measure the wind speed.
• Thermometer, to control the outside temperature.
• Timer, to optimize operating time.
• Heating/vibration system, to prevent the appearance of ice in the system.
Rotary and/or linear actuators , to move the panels.
• Wifi connection point and/or a communication card.
All these systems will be controlled through a mobile application which will provide the user with information on the conditions and operation of the system.
Registered design. Patent pending.

Pholarus offers the possibility of tilting the panels in the 4 directions in order to improve their performance.